Rotary hears from Division of Forestry

The Inter-Mountain photo by Sarah Goodrich Jason Jones, regional forester for Region 3 for the West Virginia Division of Forestry, Buckhannon District Office, and Danny James, forester for Lewis and Upshur counties, speak with Buckhannon Rotary Club members about the duties of local foresters.

BUCKHANNON — The West Virginia Division of Forestry visited the Buckhannon Rotary Club this week to discuss the duties available through the local office.

Jason Jones, regional forester for Region 3 at WV Division of Forestry’s Buckhannon District Office, said the division offers services regarding timber management, land owners’ assistance and logging.

Forest fires are also a concern for the division, although Jones said many probably think Upshur County doesn’t see a lot of forest fires.

“During spring and fall fire season, we average around 25 fires just here in Upshur County …,” he said. “The farther you go south, it gets a little bit hotter in the state.”

Through Division of Forestry grants, the county is seeing about $15,000 going toward the local volunteer fire departments.

“We try to give them as much as equipment as we can,” said Jones, noting the departments use the funds for additional tools.

Another service the local division offers is helping landowners to identify what may be killing their trees.

“We can go in and make a determination on those trees that are safe, healthy, dying, whatever,” he said. “If they’re a hazard, we take a look at that.”

Danny James, forester for Lewis and Upshur counties, also spoke to members about how the division handles logging.

“Our main concern is logging complaints, like if somebody calls in, we’ll be able to go out and check the complaint, whether it’s mud on the road, muddy water or property issues,” said James.

He said if there’s an issue with logging, “we’ll come out and access the situation.”

“A lot of times a land owner may have a logging crew nearby that’s maybe causing a little bit of trouble, well who do you call? You call us,” advised Jones.