WVWC partnering with Community Care

BUCKHANNON – Beginning this fall semester, West Virginia Wesleyan College students will now have consistent health care offered as Community Care of West Virginia is being welcomed to campus.

Last week, officials announced that a CCWV school-based clinic will be located in Wesleyan’s Barnhart Health Center, which is adjacent to the John D. Rockefeller IV Physical Education Center.

Prior to the agreement between WVWC and CCWV, a health center was available on campus for students with a full-time nurse, and local providers were contracted.

“We were doing it all in-house,” said Alison Clausen, Director of Title III and Student Retention.

Clausen explained the college felt it was important to provide students with consistent hours and expanded provider availability.

“So that’s what we achieved. There will be expanded hours with a provider beyond a nurse,” she said. “There will be consistent provider hours.”

As the college embarked on the process of finding a clinic for WVWC, Clausen said, “Community Care has vast experience in school-based health clinics.”

“Community Care just knows what they’re doing in school-based health, so we’re really excited about the partnership and the experience that they’re putting to this,” she said.

With a CCWV school-based clinic now on WVWC’s campus, an additional array of services will be offered for students.

Community Care will provide primary and preventive health care, treatment for common illnesses and minor injuries, immunizations and lab testing.

“It’s pretty much just like what you would find at a normal doctor’s office — primary and preventive health care treatment for normal common illnesses …, “ said Clausen. “The standard things you’d find at the doctor’s office.”

Clausen said with CCWV on campus, students will have easy access to a full slate of services.

“And one of the other things we’re really excited about is the access that our students will have to the Community Care network,” she said. “We’ll have 20 or so hours of providers on campus, but they also have full time providers in town as well as their walk-in urgent care.”

Clausen noted students’ health insurance will be billed for services provided by CCWV as the college requires all students to carry health insurance.

The clinic will be open approximately 20 hours a week for students’ needs.

“We’ll also have a nurse that staffs it all day long, so the standard 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.,” she said. “In times that a students might need services outside of those hours, they can access Community Care’s other clinics in town.”

For those who have experience with Community Care from public school, Clausen said it will be a benefit for those students.

“Students who attended the public schools that Community Care is already in, which is like 45 or 50 in West Virginia, are really going to have a continuity of their medical records,” she said. “Certainly that’s something that will help our students.”


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