Community Watch meeting rescheduled

ELKINS — The initial Community Watch meeting for First Ward in Elkins has been rescheduled.

Wintry weather forced the postponement of the meeting on Jan. 30, but the meeting is now set for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Jennings Randolph Elementary School.

Elkins Police Department officers will lead the meeting, Police Chief Glenn Galloway said, adding a variety of information will be shared.

“There will also be some trainings on how to report information and so forth,” he said.

“We hope to have regular meetings. We just want to communicate with the public and work together to improve the community,” the chief said.

Galloway outlined plans for his proposed Elkins City Police Department/Community Ward Watch Program during the June Elkins Public Safety Committee meeting.

“Watch areas will be divided up by the five wards within the city, and a separate downtown section,” Galloway explained. “Two Elkins Police Department officers will be assigned to each ward unless only one is available due to manpower.”

About 20 residents attended the initial start-up Community Watch meeting for Fourth Ward and Fifth Ward at Elkins City Hall on Nov. 20.

Officers said Community Watch participants will be asked to document suspicious and possibly criminal activity — by writing down license plate numbers and car descriptions, for example — and report it to the EPD.

Two officers will be assigned to each ward to communicate with residents, and each ward will have a citizen watch commander, a resident who will have to undergo a full background investigation and be interviewed by officers.


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