EHS teacher earns award


ELKINS — One teacher from Elkins High School was recently recognized for his positive impact and outstanding efforts in the classroom.

Andrew Carroll, an English instructor at EHS, received the “Excellence in Teaching Award” from the West Virginia Council of Teachers of English.

Carroll said he believes the classroom is a space for ideas and all assignments should have purpose.

“Students should see meaning in purpose beyond the school in each task assigned. Assignments that involve service learning and the creation of tangible products should be privileged above other assignments,” he said. “Assignments should draw the students into the world around them.

“Additionally, the classroom environment needs to be home to a constant thoughtful exchange of ideas,” he continued. “In a classroom that is a place of ideas, the student should focus on constant self-improvement.”

Carla Lambert, assistant principal at EHS, said she nominated Carroll for the award because he goes “above and beyond” in and outside of the classroom.

“Mr. Carroll goes above and beyond outside of the classroom as well,” she said. “From the minute you walk into his room, you can see that teaching is his passion. He is able to connect concepts from across the curriculum to all students who are willing to try. His passion for teaching is contagious.”

Lambert also noted Carroll challenges his students to connect their classroom assignments to the real world.

“His love of English is shared everyday with his students,” she said. “His forward thinking techniques challenge the students to expand learning outside the four walls of the classroom.”

Carroll noted one of his goals as a teacher is to spark curiosity in his students.

“Just as I discovered my own curiosity, the highest goal I hope my students attain is the discovery of their own curiosity. In that discovery, students empower themselves to become passionate lovers of life that always seek to synthesize each piece of new knowledge to existing schemas,” he said. “This discovery of their own passion for learning and power to learn is essential to their ability to function as freethinking individuals in a democratic society.”

Carroll is a native of Berkeley County and graduate of Davis and Elkins College. Aside from challenging the minds of young English students, Carroll also acts as an assistant cross country coach for Elkins Middle School, serves as the chair of the English department at EHS, acts as the instructor for the EHS Speech and Debate Team and coordinator for Randolph County Young Writers.

In addition, he served on the board of directors for several organizations including Wonder and Grow, Woodlands Development Group, Generation Randolph, National Alumni Council for Davis and Elkins College and the Kump Education Center.

According to information provided online by the West Virginia Council of Teachers of English, the award recognizes and celebrates outstanding classroom teaching and the ways in which educators impact students.

All applicants must submit a resume or curriculum vitae, their “Philosophy of Teaching” and two letters of reference — one from a former student and one from a current administrator or supervisor.