Broadband expansion project moving along

ELKINS — Broadband internet expansion began to lay its foundation in East Dailey this week.

During the most recent Randolph County Development Authority meeting, progress on the current broadband expansion project was discussed. The project would bring broadband internet access to outlying parts of the county.

“We currently have the East Dailey tower scheduled to start construction… I believe the equipment will be mobilized on Monday, and we’ll start digging the foundation for that tower on Tuesday,” said Robbie Morris, executive director of the Randolph County Development Authority.

Weather abiding, the construction is estimated to last for a three-week period.

“I would hope that internet service in the Dailey region of the county would be greatly improved by the end of July at the latest,” said Morris.

Morris also spoke at the most recent Randolph County Commission meeting.

“The Community Connect grant that we received a couple of years ago, we are now in the implementation stage,” Morris said. “The first tower was put up in Mabie. The last report I had, there were 44 subscribers to the service in Mabie, which is a pretty decent home count for that region of the county.”

Morris noted the next tower was going up in East Dailey this week. He said he believed the next tower “would be on Rich Mountain, in the not-too-distant future.”

Also starting this week, “the second round of construction contracts will begin advertising. That will bring an additional tower to Cassidy, to the south side of Beverly, and then I think that pretty much rounds out the first phase of towers for the county.

“We have another one that we’re looking at that was approved in that grant in Ellamore, but we’re having trouble with site location for that,” Morris said.

Commission President Mark Scott noted, “If anyone owns property on a hill in Ellamore, please let us know.”

“Yes, please contact my office,” Morris said.

The Randolph County Development Authority can be contacted at 304-637-0803.