Local students show creativity at Young Filmmakers Camp

Submitted photo As part of Art 26201’s Young Filmmakers Camp, two students work together to direct and film a scene for a movie created by campers.

BUCKHANNON –Young film enthusiasts in the Buckhannon area recently took part in Art 26201’s Young Filmmakers Camp where students had the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of film making.

Jamie Johnson, project organizer for the Young Filmmakers Camp, explained the goal of the camp is to inspire creative thinking among area youth with an interest in theatre or film.

All participating students had the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in writing, acting, directing, filming and editing during the week long summer camp.

“Everybody gets to act, everybody gets to direct and write,” Johnson explained. “It is really whatever role they want to play, and they can try out different things, so we’re open to that, too.”

Johnson went on to say during the first few days of camp, counselors and volunteers would work with students to create their own scripts before diving into filming. She also noted some of the campers who had previously attended the Young Filmmakers Camp came prepared with their own, pre-written scripts.

“Our first year we did one shot-for-shot remake of a scene from a Hollywood movie. … We thought this was a good way to get them familiar with how the set works, so we could break down the shot and show the kids how many set-ups there were. Then, we would start working on their films,” she said. “This year, we wanted to get as many of their films as we could, and basically, we let them come up with the idea.”

Students and camp counselors used the town of Buckhannon as their set; Johnson noted any area they could get to on foot could be used as part of the set.

Two students from the Buckhannon area said they enjoy taking part in Art 26201’s Young Filmmakers Camp.

Maria Benjamin, 12, said she finds interest in script writing and was able dive deeper into film writing and directing during the camp.

“I did a mixture of things — I wrote a script, I directed a little bit and now I’m acting,” she said. “They teach you how to write a script, they teach you how to do the film and they teach you how to do all of it, including sound. … I would say my favorite part was actually working on writing the script.”

Benjamin added, as an intermediate level camper, she learned more details about script writing and how movies are made.

Deidra Hollen, 11, said she enjoys taking part in the summer camp because she is able to make new friends.

“I liked making some new friends and spending time with them,” Hollen said. “I was comfortable with the relationships I made with other people.”

Hollen went on to say that this year she learned more about photography and how to properly handle a camera.

“Last year I was a director and actress, and this year I decided to focus on acting,” she said.

Benjamin and Hollen have both taken part in the annual film camp for two years. Both girls agreed they hope to take part in camps relating to theatre and film in the future.

This year’s camp was open to students age nine to 18 – with instruction ranging in level from beginner to advanced.

According to the group’s website, Art 26201 aims to celebrate and promote the creative and inspirational opportunities in the Buckhannon community.

“We believe that the artists and venues listed here represent the best Buckhannon has to offer, and encourage you to discover these creative people and unique places and enjoy the highest quality products and most thoughtfully designed experiences in and around the city,” the website reads.