Spikes keeping pigeons from Upshur courthouse

BUCKHANNON — The pigeon spikes appear to be working on the Upshur County Courthouse dome.

At Thursday’s Upshur County Commission, the commission discussed the final bill with the contract coming in at $63,620.

County administrator Carrie Wallace said. “This is around $12,000 less than what it should have been. Per the contract, the contractor was to charge $32 per linear foot for the spike installation above 1,200 feet.”

That would have brought the cost to $19,200 but Wallace said that TKS Contracting, a local company, billed $7,500 for that.

Nolte said, “TKS did a great job. The dome looks terrific and…knock on wood, so far we do not have any pigeons. I haven’t noticed a pigeon issue since we put them up.”

The contract also included cleaning the dome.

In other business, the commission:

• approved the resignation of Jacqueline R. Dinklocker, part-time deputy county clerk, effective June 22.

Nolte thanked Dinklocker for her service.

“She has been an asset to the county and the county clerk’s office,” he said.

Applications for a part-time deputy county clerk will be accepted through Aug. 9.

• approved the fiscal year 2020 PRO Grant Application, agreement and standard conditions and assurances for $28,000 for the Prevention Resource Officer at Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School.

• approved a letter of support for the School Climate Transformation Grant Application being submitted by the Upshur County Board of Education for B-UMS and B-UHS.

• approved Federal Aviation Administration Outlay Request 8 of $50,027 for the Airport Improvement Program Project at the Upshur County Regional Airport.

• reappointed John Barnes to Tennerton PSD Board effective Aug. 1, 2019 through July 31, 2025.

• reappointed Todd Payne to the Upshur County Farmland Preservation Board for a term to expire on June 30, 2023.

• approved the temporary part-time employment of Amberly Fealy effective July 22, pending background check, to work in the Upshur County Assessor’s office using grant funds awarded by the West Virginia Records Management and Preservation Board. Fealy will be paid $10 an hour.


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