Levee wall extension may prevent flooding

HARMAN — Following recent clean-up and reconstruction efforts in the Harman area, Randolph County Schools’ officials continue to work to protect Harman School from potential future flooding or high water risks.

Joseph Arbogast, RCS assistant superintendent, said RCS is working with Hannah Engineering to “reinforce, increase and extend” the levee wall to prevent potential issues in the future.

“We have done some consultation with an engineering group to reinforce, increase and extend the levee wall that sits above the school,” he said. “So, in the event of another flooding situation or high waters, the levee would be able to – based on what the engineers are telling us — entirely divert any water coming toward the school back to the creek behind the school.”

He noted the existing wall helped to protect the building from damage during flooding on June 30.

“It did help to protect the school a lot,” he said. “Without the levee wall, the damage to the school could have been much worse.”

Arbogast said the engineering group has visited the site and a survey will be completed soon.

“The way that we’re looking to increase the levee wall would really secure the school from any type of flood waters,” he said. “What they’re looking to do is extend the length of it and the height as well.”

In addition, Arbogast noted 100 tons of stone was donated by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline officials for another project outside of the school.

“We are looking to build up the front yard to stop the water from pulling in there,” he said. “See Excavating will be doing the work to put in a drain system in the front yard, and hopefully this will help.”

This project is scheduled to begin this week