Randolph County Fair president provides update

ELKINS — The Elkins Rotary Club was treated to an update Monday from the president of the Randolph County Fair, which is operating in its 15th year and is underway this week.

The fair became incorporated in 2004 after previously being called “Ag Day,” at which time it had been only a one-day affair. The fair’s growth can be shown by noting that his year, events began on Saturday and will continue for eight days.

Kathie Staten, this year’s fair president, told Rotarians Monday that she started contributing to the fair in 2016, the year after her daughter won the Queen Pageant.

Staten told the Rotary Club about the history of the fair, including the fact that it has always been held at Camp Pioneer in Beverly.

“From 2004 to present day, the mission statement stays the same. It’s to promote, educate and showcase Randolph County, highlighting its rural, unique heritage, youth, community and agricultural lifestyle through a county-wide celebration,” Staten stated.

Many new events have been added over the years, with improvements made annually. Eleven board members currently oversee planning and organization of events.

In 2005, Educational Day was added to the fair’s roster of events, with the Miss Randolph County Fair Pageant and the Rodeo being added in later years. Rodeo night is considered the biggest night of the fair.

Senior Day was added in 2015, and occurs every year on the Thursday of the fair. The Children’s Pageant was added in 2016 and, most recently, a parade was added to Monday night this year, to bridge the gap between events and truly make this an eight-day celebration.

For the full Randolph County Fair schedule, turn to page A8.


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