RCDA plans repaving project

ELKINS — The Randolph County Development Authority is planning to have the West Virginia Wood Technology Center parking lots repaved for the first time since they were first created in 1994.

RCDA officials discussed at length whether to patch and seal the lots, or completely repave them.

“It’s held together really well. We’ve had it sealed once,” Executive Director Robbie Morris said during the recent RCDA meeting.

“We put out bids on patching and sealing up the parking lots. We looked at it and said that we were probably going to be better off paving the whole thing. So, we went ahead and put that out to bid (also),” he said.

After comparing the two options, RCDA officials were leaning toward repaving the lots.

“The same two people who bid on the patching and sealing also bid on the paving,” Morris said. “The low bidder (for paving) is Custom Paving and Sealing, $46,485.”

The other bid was for $55,280, he said.

“You’re looking at about $20,000, a little less or more, to do the patch and seal,” Morris said. “We discussed it with the Executive Committee… If we do (just the patch and seal) it’s going to look like a hodge-podge, a Dalmatian out there.”

RCDA officials also discussed a drainage issue that could affect the paving.

The RCDA board of directors voted to accept the Custom Paving and Sealing bid, with the contingency that if the drainage situation presents any unforeseen problems, the paving project will be put on hold until those problems are solved.

The next Development Authority meeting will be at 4 p.m. Sept.4.


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