Two Beverly residents charged with intent to deliver

ELKINS — Two Beverly residents are facing felony drug charges.

Lisa Dawn Andrews, 34, and Beau Shaw Roberts, 35, are both charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Senior Patrolman D.T. Sayre of the Elkins City Police, he and Patrolman D.M. Coffman were conducting routine patrol of the Eleventh Street and South Davis Avenue area on Aug. 11, when they observed Andrews operating a motor vehicle traveling toward Baxter Street, at which time Sayre requested that Randolph County E911 locate her operators license. According to Sayre, Andrews’ license had been revoked.

Unable to stop the vehicle immediately due to traffic congestion and signals, Sayre radioed Senior Patrolman C.G. Boatwright, who was in the area and informed him to be on the lookout for the vehicle. According to Sayre, Boatwright then informed the officers that he had located and stopped the vehicle.

Sayre stated that upon arriving at the scene, he observed Andrews and Boatwright in what appeared to be a verbal argument as Boatwright attempted to place her in restraints.

As Sayre and Coffman exited their patrol vehicle in order to assist Boatwright, they observed Roberts in the passenger’s seat of Andrews’s vehicle.

Sayre stated that he observed “a clear glass smoking device which appeared to have brown and white residue” sitting next to Roberts as he spoke to him from the driver’s side of the vehicle. He additionally stated that as officers attempted to retrieve the smoking device, Roberts grabbed Andrews’s purse and clinched it, saying, “You aren’t going through s— of ours.” The report states that officers then restrained Roberts and secured him in the patrol vehicle.

According to the report, Sayre then retrieved the smoking device and began to look through the purse, where he found “a digital scale with a white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine on it, several clear empty baggies, one baggie containing several white pills, and two baggies containing large chunks of the same substance found on the scale in the front of the purse, along with a wallet containing a ledger with names and dollar amounts,” in addition to money receipts from Walmart and a large sum of United States currency. Sayre stated that he believed the items were consistent with the sale and distribution of controlled substances.

The report states that Andrews and Roberts were then placed under arrest.

If convicted on both charges, each of them could be facing up to a total of 35 years in prison.


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