Petition seeks to quiet plant

ELKINS — A grass-roots group of local residents has prepared a petition with more than 100 signatures asking the Hamer Pellet Fuel Company to install noise abatement measures at its plant in South Elkins.

The group, which calls itself “Elkins, Make It Quiet!,” has sent the petition and a letter to the Hamer Pellet Fuel offices in Kenova.

The wording of the petition also states that it will be presented to Elkins City Council.

The petition reads, “We, the undersigned, believe that the constant machine noise — 24 hours a day, six days a week — emanating from Hamer Pellet Fuel mill in Elkins, is unacceptable noise pollution, and a public nuisance.

“It is diminishing the quality of life, health and property values of the surrounding community and businesses. We respectfully request Hamer’s urgent action to be a good neighbor: enclose the offending machinery or use absorptive noise barriers to contain the noise within Hamer’s property,” the petition states.

The Inter-Mountain placed calls to the pellet mill plant in Elkins and the Hamer Pellet Fuel offices in Kenova, but the company has made no public statement or response to the petition.

A press release provided with the petition quotes Richard and Katy McClane, who live at the top of High Street behind the Randolph County Courthouse, nearly two miles from the plant.

“We couldn’t sit on our deck during the day or night because it was such a nuisance,” Richard McClane states in the release. “It became so loud that I couldn’t sleep at night, even with all the windows closed.”

If Hamer Pellet Fuel doesn’t abate the noise, Katy McClane says in the release, “we are thinking of leaving Elkins to live in a quieter place.”

For more information about the organization, contact McClane at 304-642-9511, or send email to katy.mcclane@gmail.com.


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