Barbour officials planning a ‘Snow Day’

ELKINS — The Barbour County Commission has announced plans to host a free “Snow Day” at the Barbour County Fairgrounds offering winter fun activities for both children and adults.

The date for the event has not yet been set, as organizers would like to wait for a six-inch snowfall.

“Ideally, we are hoping for snowfall midweek with an extended forecast that remains cool and (for) the event (to) be held on a Saturday; speculating February or March. Notification will be short, but hopeful for a few days’ notice,” Shana Frey, the administrator for the Barbour County Commission and an organizer of the Snow Day, noted in an email to The Inter-Mountain.

Susie Cvechko, president of the commission, said, “We had been having a fairgrounds committee meeting for over a year, just to talk about potential upgrades to the fairgrounds that the public has expressed an interest in. (…) That’s been a big complaint in Barbour County, that the fairgrounds are an underutilized recreation area.”

“Our goal is to have four events this year, in addition to the Barbour County Fair,” Cvechko continued. “At one of our meetings late in the fall, Shana said, ‘Maybe we could think about a Snow Day,’ and I said, ‘Oh my golly, that sounds great!”

“We’d like to have sleigh riding, snowman building and snow angels for the children,” said Cvechko. “All these are geared to kid activities, kids and adults.”

The event will also host a ‘Snowman Storytime’ in the Quonset Hut multiple times throughout the day, and the hut will also serve as an area for attendees to warm up.

“I’ve talked to the Philippi Fire Department chief and he was very much on board and he was going to contact the other two departments, Belington and Junior,” said Cvechko. “We’d like them to be in charge of maybe a bonfire and that could be their contribution.”

In addition to the various fire departments, many other organizations responded to the invitation for support for this event, including the Philippi Lions Club.

The event will be free of charge to the public, and hot dogs, cookies and hot chocolate will be offered while supplies last.

“These events that we hope to host will be free but, at the same time, our goal really is to get people acclimated to some different events at the fairgrounds and get people coming and bringing their families to have an outing,” said Cvechko.

“It really is to increase the use of the fairgrounds for the citizens of Barbour County,” she continued. “It’s a work in progress.”