Corhart to lay off 53 employees from Buckhannon location

BUCKHANNON — St. Gobain SEFPRO is laying off approximately 53 employees at the Buckhannon location, according to a notice addressed to Mayor David McCauley from Buckhannon plant manager Benjamin Watkins.

The letter provided in Thursday’s Buckhannon City Council packet states that the planned lay-offs at the Buckhannon plant, known locally as Corhart Refractories, are not permanent but the duration has not been determined.

The earliest lay-offs were effective Jan. 6 and the employees are represented by a union, according to the letter.

“Plant seniority will prevail provided employees are qualified to perform the work required or have the seniority to hold them in a Step 12 job (excluding finisher) or below,” Watkins wrote in the letter.

Corhart Refractories is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain SEFPRO and the only North American location. The Buckhannon plant produces refractories for the glass industry and employed around 170 people at the time a September 2019 Inter-Mountain article was written. The previous article announced the reduction of 20 positions but stated the company had hoped to call those employees back to work if market conditions improved.

The Buckhannon location has operated for 60 years.