Company offering students free internet

ELKINS — Suddenlink Communications and its parent company, Altice USA, are offering free internet services for students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In response to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, Altice USA has taken several steps to ensure that Americans within the communities we serve have reliable access to high-speed broadband connectivity to keep them connected to the people, information, and resources they rely on,” a news bulletin on Altice’s website states.

The offer is available to any student within the areas that Altice already covers who do not have internet at home.

The provided package will give students the “Altice Advantage” plan with speeds up to 30 megabytes per second and unlimited data to use for 60 days while schools have been displaced.

After 60 days, students can either call to opt out of continuing service or stay on the plan as a paying customer.

“We know that our connectivity services, especially broadband and voice, are essential for fostering learning for students, powering our local businesses, and keeping our communities connected,” said CEO Dexter Goei in the bulletin. “Altice USA is proud to do its part in ensuring that customers and businesses in our service areas have reliable access to the connectivity services that are critically important during this rapidly evolving public health situation.”

In addition to offering internet relief to students, Altice USA pledged to “Keep Americans Connected,” announced by the Federal Communications Commission.

Altice will not terminate services when an individual is unable to pay and waive all late fees incurred during this period.

To be connected with the Altice Advantage plan, those in an area covered by Suddenlink can call 888-633-0030.


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