United Way Day of Action canceled

ELKINS — United Way of Randolph County has canceled its Day of Action due to COVID-19 concerns.

Initially scheduled for April 18, United Way’s first-ever Day of Action has been canceled until 2021.

“It’s a day where a group of volunteers get together, and we do a variety of service projects throughout our community,” said Karrah Washington, United Way of Randolph County’s executive director.

Washington said 400 to 500 volunteers had been lined up to lend a helping hand during Day of Action, which included both Elkins High School and Davis & Elkins College athletics.

Proposed projects were specific to the needs of local nonprofits, including George Ward Elementary, the Elkins Tree Board, the West Virginia Autism Center and Youth Health Service, among others.

“This is something that we felt the community was needing more of,” Washington said. “There are small groups that are already doing good things in the community-such as the litter pickup with Elkins Make It Shine-but this was going to be a day where we specifically did nothing but service projects, and we wanted to reach out to all areas of the community.”

“We weren’t going to keep it just specific to Elkins; it was going to entail the entire county,” she said, adding that any non-profit throughout the county was eligible to submit a project, while United Way of Randolph County was going to match volunteers to the various projects.

“We tried to reschedule, but unfortunately when we started looking at the calendar, there was something every Saturday leading up to the winter months, it seemed,” said Washington.

“We did postpone until 2021, so we’ll kick off our first annual Day of Action in 2021,” she said, adding that the 2021 event will likely be scheduled in April.


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