Goff Street Church of Christ meeting place reopening

ELKINS — Goff Street Church of Christ is happy to announce the reopening of its meeting place for Bible classes and worship assemblies.

Goff Street, like other places of worship, found itself closed from mid-March until last Sunday because of the pandemic in compliance with the governor’s recommendations. However, in addition to being excited about reopening its doors, Goff Street is happy to introduce its new preacher and his wife to the Elkins and Randolph County community.

Albert and Julie Brown arrived on Tuesday following the governor’s “stay at home order” and hit the ground running, hosting his first Bible study on Zoom and Facebook.

Albert Brown is a 1997 graduate of the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies. He has been a full-time minister of the word since 1997 in Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and now here in West Virginia.

He considers himself to be a team with his wife, Julie, in serving this congregation and our community. His goal is to preach the word and show the love and compassion of Christ. His wife has a love for teaching children in Sunday and midweek Bible classes. She has taught ages as young as nursery classes and as old as early middle school ages. She loves the chance to help set a foundation in children’s minds to know the creator and his will.

Even with this unexpected hindrance to working with a new preacher, Goff Street members put their heads together and evaluated technology options. Using a combination of Facebook and Zoom, Goff Street attendance of classes and assemblies have been accomplished electronically.

“We sang songs of praise, lifted up prayers, had sermons delivered and most importantly, remembered the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ while partaking of the Lord’s Supper together,” Albert Brown said.

With a community focus and rejuvenated spirit, Goff Street wants you to know that they not only have inward focus of fellowship and worship but also an outward facing heart of compassion seeking to show the Father’s love through the gospel of Christ. In the upcoming months and years, they invite you to join them as they bring in speakers to deliver God’s word, send your children to their Vacation Bible School and engage with them as they host Bible studies with the young people on campus. They also invite those in need to partake in their food pantry by calling 681-298-4175.

Goff Street meets at 10 Golf Street Road in Elkins. They are non-denominational, meaning that they are autonomous (no other church, district or convention affiliations). They follow the Bible only (no creed or any other book having authority over what they believe, what they teach, how they worship or in what they do as Christians other than the Bible). Their goal is simple, follow God and him only. He is the one they worship and so the one they wish to please. They are not perfect but are forgiven. They do not claim to know it all, but they follow the book, known as the Bible, which has all one needs to know to strive and do better. Bible classes and sermons focus on what God’s word says and how to use it in daily living.


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