Elkins woman sentenced in stabbing of her mother


ELKINS — An Elkins woman pleaded guilty to one count of malicious assault, a felony, and one count of unlawful wounding, a felony, in Randolph County Circuit Court Friday.

Kayla McCauley, 20, was arrested on July 20, 2019, when officers Foster and Shiflett of the Elkins Police Department responded to a call regarding an assault complaint on North Randolph Avenue, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim of the assault was giving McCauley a ride from Montrose into Elkins when McCauley began making comments about how she was going to “hurt her mother,” the complaint states. The victim shifted gears while driving, causing McCauley’s marijuana to spill, which in turn prompted her to become angry and begin hitting the victim on the head.

According to the complaint, the victim stopped his vehicle on the side of the road and removed the keys from the ignition while McCauley continued to beat him. When he escaped from the vehicle, McCauley then attempted to steal his checkbook and a folding knife. Police located her and took her into custody.

Previous to her arrest, McCauley also had an outstanding warrant for the unlawful wounding of her mother in their home. On July 15, police responded to a call on Linda Lane in Elkins regarding a stabbing.

Upon arrival at the residence, officers found the victim visibly shaking and clutching a wash cloth around her arm, according to the criminal complaint. The victim’s robe, wash cloth and left arm had blood on them and when officers lifted the wash cloth, they observed a wound that entered one side of the victim’s arm and exited the other.

The victim’s boyfriend stated that he had locked the bedroom door before going to sleep but woke to see McCauley in the room, yelling for them to leave. After McCauley stabbed her mother in the arm, she fled the residence and police were unable to locate her, the compliant states.

During Friday’s plea hearing, McCauley was represented by her attorney, Gregory R. Tingler.

“It didn’t turn out like the way it was supposed to,” said McCauley. “I didn’t mean to stab (my mother.) I don’t really remember some of it because I was really messed up at the time so I ended up stabbing her but I didn’t mean to. I talk to her about it, I talk to her every day… I was really high on meth.”

McCauley then pleaded guilty before Judge David Wilmoth to the felony charges of malicious assault and unlawful wounding. The court date for her sentencing is set for Aug. 24 at 10:30 a.m.

Also on Friday, Wilmoth attended to two bond modifications and a motion to set bail.

∫ Tajia Watson, represented by attorney Jordan West, was charged with possession with intent to deliver methamphetamines, a felony, in January. Watson’s bond was first set at $50,000 cash only before being modified to $50,000 cash surety in magistrate court.

The Ohio native requested a lowered bond and permission to return to Ohio while out of jail to live and work. Prosecuting attorney Michael Parker objected to this notion due to the fact that Watson has a previous failure to appear in court. Wilmoth then rejected the bond modification.

∫ Kandice Sponaugle, a Parsons woman, also requested a modified bond on Friday while facing charges from five cases. Originally set at $75,000 cash only, Sponaugle’s attorney Morris Davis requested that her bond be lowered so she could return to her home in Parsons for the time being.

Wilmoth lowered Sponaugle’s bond to $20,000 cash, property or surety under the understanding that she will remain at her residence in Parsons and check in with Tucker County Community Corrections three times per week.

∫ Inmate Austin Lodge and Davis, his attorney, asked the Randolph County Circuit Court to set a bail amount on Friday. Lodge was indicted in February for one felony count of transportation of controlled substances onto the grounds of a correctional facility, one felony count of attempted possession of a controlled substance by an inmate, one felony count of offense committed by an inmate and one felony count of conspiracy.

The Clarksburg resident requested terms under the bail amount that would allow him to reside in Clarksburg with his child’s maternal grandmother as he had no previous failures to appear. Morris, on Lodge’s behalf, requested a bail amount of $10,000 cash, property or surety.

Wilmoth set the bail amount at $25,000 cash, property or surety under the conditions that Lodge reside with his child’s maternal grandmother and that he check in with community corrections three times a week for drug and alcohol screenings.


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