Woman pleads guilty to drug distribution charges

ELKINS — An Elkins woman recently entered into a plea agreement in Randolph County Circuit Court.

Kelly Lynn Becker, an inmate of Tygart Valley Regional Jail, entered into a plea agreement in which she pleaded guilty to two counts of felony possession with the intent to deliver methamphetamine.

Randolph County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Richard Shryock represented the state and said that under the agreement Becker would be pleading guilty to count one of a two-count indictment handed down by the Randolph County Grand Jury on Feb. 24. The other count of failure to appear in court would be dropped.

He said she would also be pleading guilty to a second charge of felony possession with the intent to deliver methamphetamine that has yet to be presented to the grand jury. Becker was arrested on Feb. 24 for possession with intent to deliver following a traffic stop.

Becker, who was represented by attorney Morris Davis, told the court she was aware of her rights with signing the plea agreement and the waiver of the right to take the second charge to the grand jury. Randolph County Circuit Judge David Wilmoth asked Becker if she felt the plea was in her best interest and she said she did.

Davis said he has several long conversations with Becker about her case, but due to coronavirus restrictions he has not been able to visit her in person.

“I haven’t been able to visit the jail since late March,” Davis said. Wilmoth granted Davis time to go over the evidence the state has gathered with Becker.

“I want you to sit down with her to go over the evidence,” Wilmoth said. After taking up another case, Becker and Davis returned to the courtroom. Becker said she had the chance to go over the evidence and had no questions. Wilmoth asked Becker what she did to make her guilty.

“I am a drug addict and I was carrying it with me. I had it on me when I got pulled over,” she responded.

Wilmoth asked if she didn’t intend to sell it and it was just for personal use. Becker responded, “Yes.” Davis asked for a moment to speak to his client. After speaking to his client, Becker said she was selling some of the drugs to pay for her addiction.

Morris said he believed the plea agreement was the best for his client because if the charges wen to trial she would be found guilty.

Shryock said in December 2019, Becker was the passenger of a vehicle pulled over by the Elkins City Police and officers found 15 grams of meth, several baggies and scales.

He said for the Feb. 24 charge, Becker was again a passenger in car in a traffic stop. Becker had a capias for missing a court date. According to the criminal complaint filed in Randolph County Magistrate Court, a search of Becker revealed her to be in possession of a baggie containing a crystal like substance consistent with methamphetamine.

A search of a bag that had been sitting next to Becker recovered Becker’s ID card, U.S. currency, empty plastic baggies, a digital scale with residue consistent with methamphetamine, two baggies containing a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana, three baggies containing a crystal like substance consistent with methamphetamine and two baggies containing 15 blue and white pills identified as Alprazolam and Clonazepam, the report states.

During processing, Becker told officers that she has been “using and selling drugs since she was 13, and now, she’s 40” and that was all she knew how to do, the report states.

Wilmoth accepted the plea and ordered a pre-sentence investigation and set a hearing for Aug. 24. Davis filed a motion for Becker to be placed in a rehab facility. Wilmoth denied the motion and said although the court is court is always interested in rehabilitation with drugs, he has “never released anyone to treatment that was involved in distributing drugs.”


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