Elkins man charged with child neglect


ELKINS — An Elkins man is behind bars after he allegedly refused police commands and slammed his vehicle into an apartment while children were inside the residence.

Charles Edward Adams Jr., 31, of Elkins, is being charged with a felony county of child neglect with the risk of serious injury. According to a criminal complaint filed in Randolph County Magistrate Court, Elkins Police Department Patrolman D.M. Coffman and Cpl. C.G. Boatwright received a call of a female stating her husband was mad, making threats to her and on his way home.

“The female advised she was in fear and had small children in the residence and was five months pregnant,” it states in the complaint.

Officers responded to the residence on Pleasant Avenue, and the officers noted a purple Chevrolet Trailblazer following them into the parking lot.

“I advised Patrolman Coffman that I believed the husband was behind him,” Boatwright writes in the complaint. “The Trailblazer …. then accelerated rapidly spinning the tires in the gravel, nearly hit Patrolman Coffman’s cruiser and slammed into the front porch of the apartment. I observed a small child right inside the screen door as this took place.”

According to the complaint, officers began to give the male driver commands to show his hands and step out of the vehicle.

“The male subject then aggressively exited the vehicle and slammed the door,” Boatwright wrote in the complaint. “The male subject then jumped on the hood of the vehicle and onto the porch. I continued to give commands to stop and get on the ground. The male subject continued to refuse and continued inside. At this time, I observed the male subject go upstairs of the residence.”

Boatwright saw two small children in the doorway and removed them and had Coffman secure them in his cruiser for safety.

“A female subject then approached from across the road and advised she was the caller,” it states in the complaint. “The male subject then exited the residence and I began giving commands again. The make subject refused at first and then went to his stomach on the ground. I then approached and was able to place the male subject in hand restraints.”

According to the complaint, Adams began to stand up after being instructed not to.

“The male subject continued to tense up and attempted to face me,” Boatwright writes in the complaint. “Patrolman Coffman then assisted me in finishing the search and placing him into my cruiser. Patrolman Coffman was able to find the subject’s identification in his wallet.”

Officers identified Adams, who smelled strongly of alcohol, had slurred speech, was very excited and had bloodshot watery eyes and fell asleep in the cruiser, it states in the complaint. Boatwright requested West Virginia State Police Trooper D. Stallings to detain the female who was also acting irate.

“I then investigated the residence and observed an infant inside,” Boatwright writes in the complaint. “I then walked inside to secure the infant. I then investigated the rest of the residence for more children to which I located another juvenile male and female upstairs.”

Once the scene was secured, Child Protective Services was contacted. In the complaint, it states Boatwright then spoke to the female caller and she advised her husband, Adams, was drunk and mad and she feared what he may do when he arrived at the residence. She said she felt it was best to leave and hide until he had arrived.

According to the complaint, CPS arrived on scene and spoke with Adams, who agreed to take a preliminary breath test which produced a reading of .142. CPS removed five children from the residence for a “seven-day protection plan. Officers then transported Adams to the West Virginia State Police office for a secondary chemical breath test and field sobriety tests.

“Mr. Adams did pass all standard field sobriety tests with the only flaw being county the number two twice during the one-legged stand,” it states in the complaint.

Adams provided a breath sample into the intoxylzer which produced a reading of .107. Adams was then taken to the Elkins Police Department for processing and was cited for DUI first offense. He was then charged with child neglect with the risk of serious injury and transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail. Randolph County Magistrate George M. Riggleman set bond at $25,000 cash or surety.


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