Randolph has four outbreaks

Courthouse annex closed temporarily

ELKINS — In addition to four positive COVID-19 tests among Randolph County Courthouse employees, the county also currently has three outbreaks at residential facilities with one positive case in each location, county officials said Thursday.

Bonnie Woodrum, infectious disease specialist with the Randolph-Elkins Health Department, said the state categorizes one positive case at a residential facility as an “outbreak.” Beyond stressing that each facility has had just one positive test result each, she said she could not release any further information at this time.

Randolph County Commissioner Mark Scott said officials have closed the James F. Cain Courthouse Annex through Tuesday.

“We had a fourth person come back positive this morning from the same department, and so we went ahead and closed the Cain Annex for the rest of the week,” Scott said Thursday afternoon. “We’ll be back open on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

“It’s been contained in one department, everyone is asymptomatic, and we’re hopeful things will continue that way,” Scott said.

“We are disinfecting all the buildings,” he added. “We thought we were going to be able to get that done this morning, but we weren’t able to get it done until the afternoon.”

Some employees who weren’t working on Wednesday or Thursday have not been tested but will be, Scott said.

“There are a few more that are still yet to be tested, but that will happen between now and Tuesday,” he said. “One of the offices wanted to wait until that incubation period, I guess four days, to make sure all their folks are testing negative.

“So we’ve let the elected officials basically determine what their different offices will do. We’re working very closely with them to make sure any questions they have of us we’re answering.”

Scott said the county is attempting to keep most services available to the public.

“We’ve closed one office building. Some of the other offices are working with skeleton staffs, but each elected official is making determinations about how they’re operating their offices,” he said.

“The courthouse is open, the Weese Annex is open. Family Court decided to close their office in the Weese Annex. All the other offices and the magistrate offices are open. They’ll all be closed Monday, which is Columbus Day.

“We should be back up by Tuesday, and then we’ll monitor,” he said. “If we find that there are other positives in other offices, we’ll make a determination at that point if we need to do further closings.”

Randolph County Sheriff Mark Brady issued the following press release Thursday:

“The Randolph County Sheriff’s Tax Office has closed for the remainder of this week and potentially all of next week due to positive COVID-19 results among employees. We will reevaluate after a deep cleaning of our office and it is safe for employees and the public to return.

“You may continue to go online to pay your real or personal property taxes. We will suspend the 2019 Delinquent Real Estate Property Tax Sale scheduled for October 20th of this year until a later date and time.

“The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement will continue to handle calls and be on patrol throughout the county.

“We ask you keep all of our employees in your prayers and thoughts throughout this difficult and challenging time.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Randolph County had 40 active COVID-19 cases, according to the Randolph-Elkins Health Department.


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