DMC’s Kline has filled many roles during her nursing career

Submitted photo Alycia Kline is the Director of Inpatient Services at Davis Medical Center.

ELKINS — Local nurses are being celebrated as part of National Nurses Week, honoring brave individuals who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the past 12 years there isn’t much Alycia Kline hasn’t seen or done when it comes to the nursing profession.

Kline began her career in 2009 at a hospital in North Carolina where she worked on a neurosurgical unit. Then in 2012 she became a contracted nurse traveling throughout the United States and working in a variety of clinical settings such as neuroscience, renal, orthopedic, oncology, trauma, cardiac surgery, hospice, float pool and cardiology.

After several years on the road, Kline landed in Elkins and began her work at Davis Medical Center as a nurse on the observation unit. After approximately a year and a half, she stepped into the role of Director of Inpatient Services, which she has held since November.

Even with everything she’s experienced during her career, nothing could have prepared her for the COVID-19 pandemic, which was in full swing when she accepted her new position at DMC.

“It was a pretty big thing for the hospital to go through,” Kline said. “It’s really difficult for visitors not being able to come in. And patients not being able to see their families and friends while they were sick in the hospital. It has been a difficult time for staff also. Seeing a lot of these patients go through that and some of them not make it home is traumatic.”

Kline said the hospital’s dedication and determination to provide the best care for both its patients and staff during the pandemic has been unwavering.

“It was pretty much a daily evaluation by our leadership here at the hospital,” Kline said. “We created a special team that met each day so that we could deal with new CDC recommendations and try to implement those throughout the hospital. It was pretty incredible everything we were able to do. The leadership at the hospital put in so much hard work to protect the community and all the employees.”

Kline admits her new job at the hospital has her running in different directions from day to day. She said she is willing to go anywhere a need may arise.

“I’m the director over our inpatient unit, which is the family birthing center, the intensive care unit and our bed surge unit,” Kline said. “But I also coordinate hospital-wide staffing and direct care hiring. And there’s a few other things you could add to that list. I also spend a lot of time helping on the floor, trying to keep everything afloat.”

Kline feels DMC handled the entire pandemic situation as well as any other hospital out there.

“We really pulled together and took care of it,” she said. “We handled a lot of our surges really well and we were really adaptative to what was going on. We tried to think ahead as much as we could and we were really able to take care of everybody appropriately this past winter. The hospital, the staff and the leadership have a lot to be proud of that we were able to do all of that.”

Kline has bachelor degrees in nursing and literature from Kent State University in Ohio.


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