Elkins City Council approves the promotions of 2 EPD officers

The Inter-Mountain photo by Brad Johnson Shown from left in Elkins Council Chambers in Elkins City Hall are Elkins Police Department Chief Travis Bennett, Sgt. C. Boatwright, Corp. B. Tice and Corp. D. Sayre. Boatwright and Sayre were both promoted during the most recent Elkins City Council meeting. Sayre and Tice are the two current corporals on the EPD force.

ELKINS — Elkins City Council has approved the promotions of two Elkins City Police officers.

C. Boatwright was promoted to sergeant at the most recent Elkins City Council meeting. Boatwright was previously promoted to corporal on Nov. 5, 2019.

Also at the most recent meeting, council voted to promote D. Sayre to corporal, joining Corp. B. Tice as the two EPD officers now holding that rank.

Elkins Police Chief Travis Bennett performed a promotion ceremony with the two officers following council’s vote.

Later in the meeting, Bennett shared other news from his department with council.

“On the fifth of November, Patrolman Ramon Goux graduated from the West Virginia State Police Academy, and is back and has entered the three-month field training program,” Bennett said. “He’s a couple of weeks in now, so another two and a half months from now, we’ll have another officer out on his own, out on the street, hopefully.

“Patrolman (Noah) Elbon received his acceptance package and will attend the State Police Academy starting Jan. 10.”

Bennett also talked about the EPD’s involvement in two major police actions that took place earlier this month.

“On Nov. 9, the Elkins Police Department participated in the Mountain Region Drug Task Force roundup,” Bennett said. “We had sealed indictments for over 60 people, both federal and state charges. We spent the day picking people up across two counties. It was a very successful operation. There were very few issues during the day, so we were very happy with that.

“On Nov. 5, there was a barricaded suspect situation that occurred out in Harding,” Bennett added. “It stemmed from a domestic situation and ended up with a male subject confronting law enforcement with a shotgun barricaded inside his house. We sent our SWAT negotiator out, and I’m very happy to say our negotiator was able to talk the guy out of the house without any further incident.

“This was a brand-new negotiator. This was his first negotiation after being formally trained in Tennessee. So he’s one for one. If you see Patrolman First Class Shifflett, give him an atta-boy because that was a very good job. I think it took him less than 10 minutes. He connected with the guy, got him talking about deer hunting. Very, very good job.”

Also during the most recent City Council meeting, Elkins Fire Chief Steve Himes offered safety advice for the holidays.

“With the holiday season coming up, I just want to make everybody aware to be extra careful out there,” Himes said.

“On Tuesday, Nov. 9, we had a rather significant accident on the Five-lane, that involved two vehicles … When we’re trying to get from Point A to Point B, it seems like a straight line, but not when that’s the way everybody wants to go. We ended up extricating two people from that vehicle with pretty significant injuries, but due to the staffing that we are currently having, they were taken out of the car within 15 minutes of the call coming in. So that made me pretty happy.”

The fire chief also offered Thanksgiving safety statistics and tips.

“Everybody’s having Thanksgiving dinner, right? Remember to practice some good home safety,” he said. “Thanksgiving Day is the most popular day in the country for cooking fires, an average of 1,700 every year. That’s three times more than the average for any other day.

“If you’re using the turkey fryer to deep fry your turkey, please do that outside, and the turkey should not be even partially frozen. And don’t throw too much oil in it, or you will see my guys on Thursday.”


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