Burst Functional Fitness open at The Old Brick Playhouse building

Submitted photo Daniela Erazo is the director of Burst Functional Fitness.

ELKINS — Over the past 30 years, several businesses have called the Old Brick Playhouse building in Elkins home and still another incarnation has emerged — Burst Functional Fitness.

You may have been one of those folks who heard jolly commotion, loud music and lots of laughs coming from the Old Brick garage over the past several months. What began as a friends and family makeshift gym upstairs aimed to spend productive time working out during the global pandemic, evolved into a contemporary wellness studio that offers unconventional functional fitness classes led by an industry professional.

Under the direction of Daniela Erazo, a native of Chili who played basketball for her country’s national women’s team as well as D1 and D2 teams in the U.S., Burst offers classes for all levels of fitness.

“We felt so very fortunate,” said Old Brick owner and copartner for Burst Fitness Missy Armentrout McCollam, “when we encountered Daniela who agreed to train our son Maxie during the pandemic. Maxie had a strong foundation and passion for fitness; seeds that were planted when he was younger and working with local fitness gurus. Daniela was able to expand on those skills by addressing nutrition, dedication and his genuine interest in total body wellness.

“The next thing I knew,” Armentrout McCollam said, “I was pushing a sled with a plate on it down the alley behind The Old Brick.”

With extensive expertise and tenure in the field of athletic training, Erazo’s doctrine is that fitness is based on the synchronicity between one’s mind, body, and soul. Not only is the commitment to workout integral to success, but also the way one thinks, feels, and of course one’s approach to day-to-day life: “It’s the soul of the thing that matters most.”

Burst offers weekly functional fitness classes for small groups yet each person’s workout is tailored to their capability, fitness level and capacity.

“The proof is in the pudding,” said Burst associate Willis McCollam. “The individualized nutritional plan coupled with commitment, daily communication, and accountability, yielded massive results in our son’s strength, morale, and overall health. The success is profound, and measurable.”

One need not be concerned that they are not in good enough shape in order to participate, officials said. Erazo’s meet-you-where-you-are approach is inclusive and the environment is one of positive encouragement.

Missy McCollam began her training once weekly with the hope of addressing chronic nerve pain that she has contended with for over a decade.

“It was hard for me at first, but now I can’t wait to get into the gym, I go at least three times weekly,” she said.

As a result of her work with Erazo, she considers herself more fit and able to navigate pain issues. One can participate in as many classes weekly as are available and not only are the exercises innovative, but they are diverse and varied in order to maintain one’s interests, officials said. The gym seems as if it were dropped in from an urban setting with exposed brick walls, mounted racks and wall balls and targets.

If you would like to observe or drop in a class, or enroll for the new year, contact Erazo by texting 330-671-6367 or McCollam at 304-704-6557.


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