Some local gas prices dropping

The Inter-Mountain photo by Edgar Kelley At Sheetz in Elkins Tuesday, unleaded 88 gas fell to $3.99 per gallon, while E85 dropped to $3.49. Neither are recommended for all vehicles, so customers should check their owners manual before purchasing either one, officials said.

ELKINS — A line of vehicles could be seen at the pumps at the Elkins Sheetz store Tuesday, thanks to a dramatic drop in price on some of the convenience station’s gas.

The price drop, which began Tuesday at the Elkins location, is for Unleaded 88 and E85 gasoline. Through July 4, the price of the Unleaded 88 will be $3.99 a gallon, while the E85 will be $3.49 per gallon.

“We are discounting both of those gasolines through the Fourth of July,” Sheetz kitchen manager Jessica Church told The Inter-Mountain Tuesday. “Sheetz wanted to give people a break from the gas prices during the upcoming holiday.”

Drivers should be aware that these gas blends are not appropriate for all cars. Unleaded 88 is approved by the EPA for vehicle models from 2001 or newer. That includes trucks, sport utility vehicles and flex fuel vehicles.

The E85 gasoline should not be used in standard automobiles because it is not compatible, due to a higher ethanol content. It is intended specifically for flex fuel vehicles.

“With those two fuels it is recommended that people check their owners manual just to be on the safe side,” Church saud. “That way they know if it is safe to run in their vehicle or not.”

The current average for regular unleaded gas in West Virginia is $4.84 a gallon. Midgrade is sitting at $5.15 a gallon and premium is at $5.41. Diesel is just below the $6 mark at $5.96 per gallon.

Last year at this time, regular unleaded was $2.99, midgrade $3.27, premium $3.58 and diesel $3.24.

“We are not sure if the other gas brands will fluctuate or not this week,” Church said. “But I do know if they do, it won’t be as much of a discounted price as the Unleaded 88 and E85.”

Sheetz, which was founded in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1952, employs more than 23,000 workers in its 650 store locations throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


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