Journey continues at D&E College

Chris A. Wood was inaugurated as president of Davis & Elkins College Thursday. It was a celebration of the life-long learning path that brings people together in the supportive environment of an academic community.

The theme for inaugural events was: “The Journey Continues,” a salutation often added at the end of letters from the father of our new college president. President Wood is keenly aware that the death of his father last summer and the opportunity to lead students at D&E are not mere coincidents. They are part of the continuity of learning that links those who have gone before us with those who will come after us in the progress of human experience.

President Wood is from Huntington, and he understands the complex set of circumstances that makes life so beautiful and so difficult for young families in the Mountains State. If we hope to keep young people here, they will need to be able to work effectively within our local communities.

Involvement with working people through community service is an essential part of a meaningful college experience. D&E athletic teams are competing to give the most hours of community service in town this year. Lacrosse players have volunteered at Kump Education Center, and they visited Elkins Middle School to tell our mentoring students about the game of lacrosse.

The D&E Teacher Education Program has collaborated with Kump Education Center to support Professional Development Schools in Randolph County for seven years. President Wood supports this interactive program which helps future teachers develop their teaching skills, and it benefits local school children who see college students as their role models.

President Wood’s inauguration was a celebration of the prevailing sense of hope developing in the life of our college and our community.

After financial uncertainty, “the journey continues” with a campaign to “secure the future” for young people in West Virginia by ensuring programs like the Highland Scholarship are available to West Virginia students.

The college also opens our hearts and minds to people who bring ideas from other parts of the world.


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