Events in the city

Every spring, as nicer weather and longer days approach, both the vehicle and foot traffic through town increase.

While to some it may seem an inconvenient slowing to their normal routine, I welcome it as an explosion of community activity and engagement. Not only are people more comfortable being outside walking or driving, but they are more likely to be looking for something to do. This means more events, fairs, festivals and other opportunities throughout the city.

Elkinites anticipate some larger annual outdoor events throughout the year, such as First Fridays, the Ramps & Rail Festival, the Car Show, Fourth of July Fireworks, Augusta Festival and the Mountain State Forest Festival to name a few. As you may assume, these events take months of planning and coordination. However, we are also fortunate to have a great number of smaller opportunities as well, such as chicken burns, 5k’s for charitable causes, business-centric happenings, and art and music affairs.

All of these events, from the largest to the smallest, the long-standing to the last minute, whose activities spill out onto the public streets and sidewalks of the city, are required to coordinate with local authorities. The city charges no fee to hold events in public spaces, but they do necessitate review and approval by the administrative officers and the mayor to ensure the health and safety of both participants and the general public.

If you are interested in holding an event within the city limits that may fall outside of your own private property, find out more information on how to submit an event request to the city on our website, http://cityofelkinswv.com/living/event-requests/, or by contacting the mayor’s executive secretary at 401 Davis Avenue or 304-636-1414 ext. 1110.

It is recommended you allow a minimum of two weeks prior to your event for approval. Also, keep in mind that if your event is being held in one of our beautiful city parks, that permission needs to be granted by the Elkins Parks and Recreation Commission. You can reach the parks director or assistant director at their office in Glendale Park or by calling 304-636-3960.

If you are eyeing the Elkins Town Square behind the Elkins Depot Welcome Center as a potential site for your activity, you’ll need to reach out to the Randolph County Development Authority, who owns and manages this property. They can be found at 10 Eleventh St. or contacted by phone at 304-637-0803. In cases where events may cross into more than one of these spaces, be sure to make contact with all the affected parties to ensure a smooth process and a successful occasion.

For information about what events are already scheduled this year, either to attend yourself or to avoid choosing a weekend for your event that may already be packed full of options, there are several resources available. The city of Elkins, the Elkins Depot Welcome Center and the Randolph County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau all host online calendars as well as a wealth of knowledge and information at their locations. We look forward to seeing you around town.

— Sutton serves as the Elkins city clerk.


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