Maintaining Kump Education Center

All the work that was postponed at Kump Education Center until after Forest Festival had to be done quickly on the first three sunny days after the carnival left town. Elkins always works so hard to prepare for fall visitors, and we have to wait until they leave to do the maintenance we really need to do before the snow flies.

By 9 a.m. on Monday the new AmeriCorps Hands On Team arrived at KEC to train with the “Plaster Master,” Mr. Brian Shourds, also known as “Buggs.”

Last year’s HOT team started the project in July when they filled about 90 of the 95 holes that were made when electrical rewiring was done in May and June, but we still have plaster problems.

The new HOT crew included Molly Greenhouse, a returning AmeriCorps member amazingly skilled with plaster repair. In two days Buggs and Molly made remarkable progress with the help of four trainees, but by Wednesday all West Virginia AmeriCorps members were required to convene for more training in Charleston.

The HOT team will return to work on plaster at KEC next month.

On Tuesday while plaster dust was flying inside the house, two men with a backhoe from David Davis Heat and Air were out front digging a shallow ditch for a yellow plastic gas main from Randolph Avenue to the utility room.

The new gas meter will be the third meter installed this year at KEC. The city put in a new water meter in June, and the Power Company established a new electrical service on Seneca Road in July.

Malcolm Long was in the basement working on connecting the two new gas boilers to the new gas line and the old radiator system. Mr. Long is the person who understands how to make old and new heating technology work together. He was even able to put the new gas pipe under the old stone sidewalk.

On Wednesday Steve Lambert’s excellent crew from Custom Paving cleaned off old moss and paved an area near the portico where black top had deteriorated and water was leaking into the old coal bin and furnace room.

This project was necessary to prevent water from destroying our new gas boilers and sabotaging the renovated heating system.