‘Kind is the new cool’ a great motto

Last week my niece had a new baby girl, and her two older brothers were delighted. The four-year-old brother wanted to kiss his little sister so constantly that his mother had to limit him to one kiss an hour.

When I went shopping for a baby gift for this little grandniece, I found a baby jumpsuit with the words, “KIND IS THE NEW COOL” on the front. What a great new motto for this new generation.

I hope this generation will find kind words to live by and put them in action each day. Most kids really do think being kind is cool.

Last summer I noticed how much our 18-month old granddaughter admired one of her older cousins who did little things like picking up her sippy cup and helping her put on her shoes.

She is almost two years old now and has not seen her cousin since July, but when she sees his picture, she says his name as if he were one of her superheroes.

My friends tell me that our 10-year-old granddaughter is kind to other highland dancers when they are worried about their dance competitions.

Often I go to youth ball games and notice that all players are concerned if someone else gets hurt on the playing field.

Fair play is always important and nobody really likes a bully, but thoughtful words and kind deeds can make such a difference at a sport event.

At the middle school our STREAM Program mentors tell me that students really need a kind adult who is willing to take time to listen to them.

Mentors are planning to encourage students to adopt new slogans and find ways to promote them in the school. I hope they will consider the words “Kind is the New Cool” when they decide what words to put on their signs.

When I was young, cool actors were aloof and self-important, but now women really admire kind and thoughtful men.

This is a time of much social change when males and females work together everywhere, from the military to the scouts.

Change is not always comfortable, but everyone will benefit from real kindness.

Our days are filled with reports of people who are unkind at all levels of our society. We need to shut off radios and televisions at home and in public places when they blast news that makes us angry and fearful.

The younger generation has so much to teach us about how cool kindness can be.