Discover their life’s vocation

As a graduate student I read “The Long Loneliness” by Dorothy Day, a Catholic Social Activist. Among the many memorable ideas in this book is her simple yet profound discussion of the meaning of vocation. She describes vocation as that which brings meaning and purpose to one’s life.

At Davis & Elkins College we are committed to assisting our students to discover their life’s vocation. As I frequently tell prospective students, if you can marry your vocation and your career will experience a purposeful and a profound life!

The older I become, the more importance I place on vocation within our lives. Discovering meaning and purpose is at the very core of our journey as human beings. From the perspective of faith, finding one’s vocation is equated to finding one’s God-given calling in life. I firmly believe each of us has a divine calling and when we discover and respond to it, we are overcome with both passion and purpose within our souls. For students at Davis & Elkins College, my ardent desire is that they either discover, or at least begin the exploration, of their life’s vocation. Their life’s journey and our world will be the beneficiaries.

As a part of a national movement within higher education to explore vocational calling, I am extremely proud to announce that Davis & Elkins College is launching an Honors Program beginning with the freshmen class in the fall of 2019. The core of this Honors Program is the exploration of vocation.

In general, the goal of the program is to bring together talented and dedicated students with equally talented and dedicated professors from different departments across campus in the pursuit of vocation. According to Dr. Hillary Wehe, director of the Honors Program and assistant professor of psychology, students in the Honors Program will enroll in one class per year, completing a sequence of four courses while at Davis & Elkins College. This course sequence is designed to embody the mission of the College through facilitating students’ preparation for thoughtful engagement within their desired vocation. Professors have designed courses that apply their specialization to helping students develop their passion and purpose. In addition to the course sequence, students in the Honors Program will have the opportunity to participate in different intellectual and social events throughout each semester. They will work on individual projects and share their work with the campus community.

Our journey through this earthly life, from birth to death, is a gift from God. Each and every day that we open our eyes and take an additional breath is an opportunity to do something of significance. We have each been endowed with specific gifts and graces, so that your talents and passions differ from mine. In the divine scheme, that makes each of us unique and provides each of us with a role to play in making the world just a bit brighter than it was yesterday. Tapping into our deepest passions and dreams while encouraging those to be lived out in our lives is key to a life of fulfillment, meaning and purpose. In other words, living out our vocation in our daily lives makes the journey the gift it is intended to be.

The journey continues….