Teachers working toward certification

Four promising Randolph County teachers met at Kump Education Center May 23 to explore the possibility of becoming National Board certified teachers. They plan to attend meetings in Clarksburg, June 18-20, to learn more about this unique program. If any local teachers would like to join our NBC group, they may call 304-637-7820 before June 7.

Susan Isner from North Elementary, Andrew Carroll, Janet David, and Amanda Sacks, all from Elkins High School, plan to attend the meetings to begin the NBC process. These teachers have met NBC prerequisites: a bachelor’s degree, state teacher certification, and three years of teaching experience. National Board certification is available in 25 specialized teaching fields (K-12).

Danielle Riggins, who has earned National Board certification and recertification, will mentor teachers who meet at Kump Education Center during the coming years. Ms. Riggins has been the professional development school liaison for Midland Elementary School and will begin as an instructor at Davis & Elkins College this fall.

The certification application includes four components: 1. a computerized test measuring subject matter and pedagogical knowledge; 2. a portfolio of student work with an explanation of how it illustrates the teacher’s capabilities; 3. in-classroom videos with written analysis to demonstrate student interaction skills; and 4. an Effective and Reflective Practitioner component.

The four sections of the certification process may be submitted separately, and if candidates do not pass each part of the process, they may retake that section; nevertheless, all four components must all be submitted within three years. If candidates do not pass any section, they are allowed two retakes within five years.

The Kump Education Center Mission is “to promote student achievement and foster teacher excellence.” National Board Certification is the most respected program to ensure teacher excellence in the United States. Fees must be paid at the outset of each phase of the NBC process; the registration fee is $75 and each component costs $475.

Kump Education Center will seek local sponsorship to help support teachers who embark on this challenging course. Across the nation many school systems pay for teachers to pursue this certification, but such funding is not available in Randolph County. NBC is one way KEC can make a difference for teachers and students in our area.


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