Thank teachers at Kump Education Center

The Kump Education Center is now included in the Elkins Main Street footprint and will participate in First Friday activities each month this summer.

On May 3 we celebrated “Thank a Teacher Day” at KEC as our First Friday event, and we hope to start the tradition of thanking teachers the first Friday in May each year.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer our events will become larger. We will have a banner on the front fence to advertise First Friday Family, Food and Fun. On June 7 we will have a gardening theme to encourage families to start digging in the dirt. July 5 will be the day for fireworks in the city of Elkins, and we will offer a picnic and games on the south lawn. On Aug. 2 we will focus on Back-to-School Innovations.

Free self-guided tours of the first floor of historic Kump House will be available every First Friday. Visitors will be able to imagine what Eleanor Roosevelt saw when she visited Gov. and Mrs. Kump on her trips to check on the Homestead housing project south of Beverly. Most of the furniture was here during that historic period, and all the woodwork was made from West Virginia hardwoods.

For Thank a Teacher Day this year we invited local nominees from each school for Teacher of the Year and a few other outstanding educators to KEC to share a simple spaghetti supper and their ideas about ways KEC could bring better learning opportunities to Randolph County.

Families were welcome to have a reasonably priced spaghetti supper and try out the new geometry games that Tammy Tucker and her team are placing in local businesses throughout Randolph County. The games allow students to play with circles, triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, rectangles and trapezoids to build objects and designs.

If you or your child had a teacher who helped make your life better, this is your chance to say thank you to that teacher. Email a short statement telling how a teacher made a difference in your life to heatherbiola@yahoo.com , and it will appear in my column soon. Be sure to include the teacher’s full name, the school and the time period when this teacher made a difference for you or your child.