Garden Club, Mountain School align

This week Katy McClane and Bobbi Trimboli have been telling me about their new-found interest in gardening with students from the Elkins Mountain School.

A few years ago the Emma Scott Garden Club adopted the idea that club members could share their knowledge of gardening with younger people by working with students at The Mountain School.

This week Katy McClane brought a team of Mountain School students to finish painting the Kump fence along Randolph Avenue.

This project brings a great improvement to Kump Education Center that the whole town can see.

Ms. McClane is a wonderful gardening gnome who works anonymously to make things more beautiful all over Elkins. You may have seen this magical person at the Arts Center pulling weeds or along Third Street pruning trees. I see her most often working on the “Pocket Garden” near the multiuse classroom at the Education Center. There Chamomile, Lavender, and Love in the Mist grow happily all summer with a little McClane magic.

Bobbi Trimboli is a retired speech therapist who listened to the children she coached and helped them find their own way of making themselves better understood. That is what she likes best in the gardening program that she does at the Mountain School. She helps Mountain School students to express themselves and improve their hilltop campus on Bell Street or their Oak Ridge campus on 219 near Gilman.

The Mountain School lads are willing to work hard in local public gardens, and they are learning good gardening methods.

Young and old gardeners really enjoyed having home-made snacks at the end of each gardening session, and sharing ideas about plants over food has become a cherished part of this volunteer experience.

After digging in the dirt for fun all their lives, the women are able to share their wisdom, and the young guys have lots of energy and strength to bring to the table.

After they finish school it is possible that some of the Mountain School students could start businesses and make a living as local landscapers. With most local gardeners reaching retirement age, there will be demand for people who know how to take care of lawns and flower beds.

Even if learning gardening skills does not offer career options, it will be a valuable habit for the young men, and it will bring personal pleasure as well as better health. The pace of modern life is so swift that they will need to do things outside that are not competitive or stressful. Sharing gardening is a fruitful way to spend time.


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