Leading the way

Davis & Elkins College is “Leading the Way.” Named for two United States Senators who were railroad and timber barons in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it is fitting that their namesake College train the next generation of leaders.

There are four students who serve as the officers of our student government association known as Student Assembly. These three young men and one young woman would make Senator Davis and Senator Elkins proud. They are truly leading the way toward an exciting future for their eventual alma mater.

They have led the way by completely reorganizing the structure of our student assembly to provide increased opportunity for leadership development of our students and an outlet for the student voice to be heard loud and clear across campus. Under the theme of “Get Involved and Make a Difference,” they have methodically guided our existing Student Assembly to adopt a completely new and decentralized administrative structure. A new General Assembly will be comprised of elected representative students known as … what else … Senators. A separate organization known as Student Leaders Across Campus will be the central hub for the myriad students who provide leadership to nearly 40 student organizations and clubs. Senator Entertainment is the student led administrative group that plans campus-wide activities and the newly formed Inter-Fraternity Council spearheads Greek Life.

Accompanied by two of our vice presidents, Dr. Rosemary Thomas and Scott Goddard, our four outstanding student leaders just returned from a trip to Washington, D.C., where the Senators met the Senators. Both Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Shelley Moore Capito met with the D&E Senator leaders to explore what it means to lead and serve. Our students also toured the locations where national officials are called to lead with vision and conviction. The U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Supreme Court and Arlington Cemetery were among the stops along the way. These students returned to the D&E campus inspired and energized to lead locally.

At the request of our student leadership, a meeting will take place later this week between influential members of the Elkins community and our Student Assembly leaders. Working cooperatively with the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber, our students have instigated an exploration of new and innovative ways they can lead and serve within the larger community. They are actively exploring volunteer opportunities to impact the area, cooperative partnerships that will bolster their educational experience and enhance the work of the non-profit community, internship opportunities to gain “real world” experience, and a seat at the proverbial table to improve the quality of life for all within this region. Elkins is home to our students, even if for a brief few years, and they are ready and willing to engage the community to do their part by “Getting Involved and Making a Difference” as their motto states.

D&E continues to lead the way. We are educating our students in leadership, and now they are returning the favor. I could not be prouder nor more excited for the future of D&E and our community at large as the next generation steps forward to lead the way with distinction and excellence.

The journey continues…


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