Kump Education Center celebrates lab

This coming Wednesday Kump Education Center (KEC) will celebrate the opening of the Altice Learning Lab (ALL).

We want to thank Bob Lillie, Erin Jones, and the helpful people from Altice and Suddenlink. They have made it possible to transform the playroom in the historic Kump house into a 21st Century computer learning facility available to students and teachers in Randolph and surrounding counties.

We also owe a big thank you to local math teacher K.J. Shaffer who serves as a tutor for Homebound and Alternative Learning students in Randolph County.

When the county closed its Alternative Learning Center in August, Mr. Shaffer decided he would like to meet with students at KEC.

At that time we had no computers, internet, phone, or TV service for KEC. Altice had helped us pay for an electrical upgrade in 2018; therefore, we asked Altice for help.

This fall Altice has provided 10 laptop computers, a printer, a projector, a secure storage unit, four security cameras, free internet and new signs for Kump Education Center.

Until now people have had questions about City ownership and the educational purposes for that old brick house across from Kroger. Now it is a place where students can learn about anything in cyber space.

If we want students to be prepared to compete for jobs, we have to prepare them for the computer coding they will need to use. To be employable in the “artificial intelligence” job market, young people will need to be “A.I. Ready.”

That means they will need to have computer coding skills as well as knowledge of a trade. Web developers and programmers with be among the best paid employees in most companies.

Educational programs like Minecraft can help middle and high school students learn coding and other computer skills in an imaginary situation.

Such software offers creative approaches to learning in the form of a game. However, these games stimulate the development of imagination as well as programming skills that can be used for more practical job applications.

Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.Imagination encircles the world.”


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