Learning how people can survive a pandemic

Last week when Randolph County turned orange on the “Active COVID Count” our schools had to close, and Kump Education Center leaders decided not to begin the Tech-Link Tutoring program until January.

We decided to postpone beginning our tutoring program for several reasons.

Teachers had not had time to identify and refer students who needed coaching for good online learning, and Chromebook devices were not yet available for student to use.

The Davis & Elkins College tutors needed to prepare for semester exams before Thanksgiving and would not return until after winter holidays.

Finally, Kump Center was not ready to begin a new program with more than 80 active Coronavirus cases in the county.

As a grandparent and former teacher, I worry about children falling behind in their development; however, I have to remind myself that children are adaptable if their parents and teachers can be flexible.

The virus can inflict harms that we cannot overcome unless we have patience and use careful planning to survive the pandemic and help our children adapt and change circumstances.

The virus is not going to go away as soon as we get a vaccine. Cases may continue for years after inoculations begin. We need to learn to avoid situations that have caused the disease to spread, according to the evidence from Super Spreader Events.

Remember the letter V to plan for victory over this virus. The key V words are: Venue, Ventilation and Vocalization (Nebraska Medicine Omaha, NE).

These three Vs can be used for planning activities.Venue has to do with the number of people who attend an event and the size of the venue. The chances of having someone who carries the disease increase with the number of people in the space.

The Altice Learning Lab at Kump Education Center should not have more than 10 people at one time in order to give each person space for social distancing.

We plan to serve only three students at one time there. Each child will have a parent or guardian to provide transportation and a tutor to teach both the student and parent how to use a Chromebook, develop keyboarding skills, and keep up with student progress.

Zoom meetings will be available for secondary level students.

Ventilation is a major problem for indoor venues in the wintertime because indoor rooms need constant purification

This is the issue that Kump Education Center will address by getting a new ventilation system before students use the Altice Learning Lab regularly in January.

Vocalization is any sort of speech including singing and shouting which can aerosolize the virus. The best way to limit aerosols is to wear face masks. This is something everybody needs to do.


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