How did the inmates get the drugs in jail?

Drug overdoses are not uncommon in many West Virginia communities, including Charleston. But the five women who had to be treated at a hospital there on Monday appear to have overdosed at the South Central Regional Jail.

That ought to prompt an investigation of drug smuggling at other regional jails and state prisons.

The five female jail inmates were given the drug Narcan to counteract overdoses. It appears they will be all right.

One question they ought to be asked is how they obtained illegal drugs. On April 11, a corrections officer at the jail, John Roach II, was arrested on a charge of purchasing methamphetamine. He allegedly had been paid to buy the drugs while off duty, then deliver them to the jail.

Did the five overdose victims get their drugs from him? Or are there other suppliers at that jail — and perhaps others in the state?

If Roach is guilty, he should be punished severely. And if other corrections officers have become pushers, they, too, need to be arrested


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