Boos & Applause

Boo to the sleepy bus drivers that temporally stranded Barbour County students en route to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. Last week, Hardy County sheriff’s deputies pulled over two commercial buses transporting students and their chaperones on a field trip after the deputies observed the buses crossing over the lines. After intercepting both vehicles at the 121-mile marker deputies, found both the drivers to be in a tired state. Soon after learning that the bus drivers had not slept in 24 hours, the two were transferred to a hotel in Moorefield. This story resulted in a happy ending but it could have ended badly for a lot of families.

Applause to the organizers and volunteers of the West Virginia Strawberry Festival for another great festival. Just last week the Strawberry Festival had closing ceremonies for their 78th year. Thousands of people were entertained with great performances, food and drink. Marching bands came from around the state and around the world. One of the crowd favorites was the drum band from Paris, France. Mother Nature cooperated with beautiful weather as the young and the young at heart enjoyed a fun-filled week.

Applause and congratulations to former Randolph County Deputy Mike Dyer as he departed his deputy’s job of over 21 years last week to embrace a new career as a Randolph County Magistrate. Dyer, accompanied with his family, was officially sworn in as County Magistrate by Circuit Court Judge David Wilmoth who appointed Dyer after the retirement of George M. “Mike” Riggleman. The swearing in ceremony took place on Friday at the Randolph County Court House. Dyer had a distinguishing career as a Randolph County Deputy and had worked under three different sheriffs. Judge Wilmoth made an excellent choice as this should be an easy transition for Mike Dyer.

Applause to Rob and Joyce Nestor for creating a scholarship program at D&E in memory of their son, Kevin. The scholarship is open to students of modest means from Barbour, Grant, Randolph or Tucker counties who exhibit good character and a kind of helpful heart. The $2,000 scholarship is renewable for four years and will be an addition to the maximum D&E Highlands Scholarship. The funds can be used at the student’s discretion for non-tuition items such as textbooks or other classroom supplies. This comes as no surprise to anyone that knew Kevin, or knows Rob and Joyce Nestor. They have big hearts and it is great to see them paying it forward.

Applause to Model “A” Club that invaded Elkins this week. With approximately 180 members of the Model “A” Restores Club (MARC) the people of Elkins had the pleasure of seeing these antique beauties drive up and down the streets and throughout Randolph County. Classic sedans, coupes, roadsters and pickup trucks from the 1930s in all colors adorned our area and brought much joy to the young and the old. There is no better sound than a 4 cylinder engine purring out of a Model “A” as it drives down the road with an occasional blast from an old “Ahooga” horn. We only hope the club members had as much fun being here as we did seeing them and we can only hope they will come back again soon. It was quite a joy.


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