Boos & Applause

Applause to Tammy Dolly and Our Town, a local grassroots organization which took on the responsibilities of keeping the Mountain State Street Machine car show an annual tradition in Elkins during the Fourth of July weekend. “We felt that we could take over the car show because we’ve planned multiple events in the past. It’s good for our community,” Dolly, an organizer for Our Town, said. The show was a huge success last week, and we hope it will remain in Elkins for years to come.

Applause to Conference USA for recognizing the talent and skills of West Virginia’s head basketball coach, Bob Huggins. This week Huggins, who coached Cincinnati from 1995-2004, was named to the inaugural hall of fame class of Conference USA.

Applause to all the children, teachers and volunteers who are taking part in 4-H summer camp at Camp Pioneer in Beverly. The annual event provides great learning opportunities and keeps traditions alive for the next generations.

Boo to whoever left a grenade in a city park in Buckhannon this week. The Buckhannon Police Department and West Virginia State Police investigated a suspicious package — which was later identified as a World War II-era grenade — that was discovered at Buckhannon City Park about 2:30 p.m. Thursday. All parks in city limits were initially closed, but were all open on Friday. The area around the device was secured and the WVSP bomb disposal unit was called in.

Boo to old man rain for continuing to dump water by the buckets on Randolph County. After last week’s severe flooding in the Harman area, this week saw flooding of busy streets in downtown Elkins on multiple occasions. Here’s hoping some dry weather is on the horizon.

Boo to the thief or group of thieves who have continued to break in and create destruction to a historic home on Barron Avenue in Elkins. Dr. Patricia Murphy is an ENT and drug-addiction doctor whose Barron Avenue home has been ransacked multiple times over the course of the last year. We hope the criminals who have stolen her property and trashed her home will be brought to justice.