Time to give the kids a brake

It is that time of year again. Children of all ages are making their way to and from school every day. Some are walking, some of the older ones may be driving, and many are riding the big yellow buses.

Do your part to keep them safe. Parents should, of course, remind their kids to behave safely, whether it be at the bus stop, on the bus or in school — and certainly if they are driving their own cars.

But we all should slow down and pay a little more attention while driving. If you see a school bus, give it space and observe all the signs and lights. Stop your car, and do not move again until the red lights stop flashing, the stop sign arm is retracted and the bus has started moving.

For goodness sake, do not get impatient and pass a stopped school bus. If you do, here’s hoping you have to explain to an unsympathetic judge why your time was of more concern than the children’s safey.

Obey the school zone speed limits and watch out for kids on the sidewalks (if there are any) who may be more interested in their smartphones or rough-housing with each other than in paying attention to safety. If you go whizzing through a school zone, we hope fervently that you get a ticket and a visit to the same judge referred to above.

Youngsters move quickly. They jostle each other around. They dribble basketballs that may roll into the street. Sometimes they just have their minds on a million other things.

We as drivers have to watch out for them. Yes, it’s up to the grownups to follow all the rules (and set a good example).

Be careful out there. Stay alert. It is back-to-school season for everyone.


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