Voters’ Voices

Selection process should be retained

The vast majority of Republicans in West Virginia support President Donald Trump and want him to be their party’s candidate for president next year. In some ways, then, how delegates to the GOP’s 2020 national convention are selected makes no difference.

Still, Mountain State residents are fiercely independent. We like to make our own decisions, not have someone make them for us.

Recently, state Republican Party officials gathered at The Greenbrier resort. Among their actions was adoption of a plan for how many delegates to the national convention will be selected (some party dignitaries are given delegate posts automatically).

Under the party plan, most delegates will be selected through a process involving state GOP committee members and representatives of Trump’s re-election campaign.

In 2016, most GOP delegates were selected by voters, who, thus, felt they had a voice in the process.

That system should be retained. State Republican officials should reverse course and allow for election of delegates.