Boos & Applause

Applause to the Buckhannon Volunteers in Police Service. The volunteers logged in over 3,130 hours in 2019, freeing up city police to handle other tasks. This is not a new concept but some cities have chosen not to implement it. An equal amount of praise goes to the City of Buckhannon for embracing the concept of volunteers providing support and assistance. The duties these volunteers log is not only a welcomed addition to the team, it also saves the city money in terms of labor costs.

Applause to the local residents lining up to run for political office on the local and state level in the May primary election. Being a public figure and a public servant is not always an easy job to do. If they are elected these men and women will have to make decisions about what they feel is the best thing to do for their constituents. It takes bravery to volunteer to serve, because often the right thing to do will not be popular. We wish all those filing to run good luck and may the best candidates win.

Applause to 100 years of a full life filled with many friends and family. World War II veteran Lloyd “Dabney” Kisner celebrated his 100th birthday while friends and family sang “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” last weekend at Colonial Place. During Dabney’s birthday party he was given many gifts, including a special B-26 commemorative coin. Dabney served his country flying a B-26 during WWII. He is a hero to many and a friend to all, and we wish Dabney many more birthday parties.

Applause to Anne Beardslee, Sue Sheets and Taira LaNeve of the Elkins-Randolph County Tourism Convention and Visitors Bureau for their work in achieving state certification during the bureau’s first year of operation. In 2019 the CVB applied for accreditation based on its organizational structure and operational procedures. With the home base of The Elkins Depot, one can easily see why this group accomplished so much so fast. Through hard work and careful strategic planning, the Depot has become the hot spot for many activities in the City of Elkins and has made Randolph County a destination for many.

Boo to the unfortunate cancellation of several school bus route runs caused by a shortage of substitute bus drivers in Barbour County. Our children are our most valuable resource. We can’t imagine how a parent feels when they hear there will be no bus run today due to a shortage of drivers. Qualified people: You need to step up and apply as a substitute bus driver. Our children are too important to slight.