Warner has proven himself

Elections in West Virginia are far less likely to be affected by fraud, whether it be by individuals or another country’s computer hackers, than was the case three years ago. Yet registering to vote and casting ballots is easier than ever. How is that possible?

Two words: Mac Warner.

Since he took office as the state’s chief election officer slightly more than three years ago, Secretary of State Mac Warner has accomplished an enormous amount of good.


• Working with all 55 counties, Warner’s office has cleaned up voter registration rolls. A total of 185,924 names of people who were deceased, had moved, were convicted felons or for other reasons should not have been listed have been removed.

• At the same time, Warner’s office has spearheaded a massive campaign to get new voters registered. Since he took office, 153,595 legitimate new voters have been registered. Of that number, by the way, 45,368 were high school students when they registered to vote.

• Warner is a nationally recognized leader in election security, including keeping foreign operatives from interfering with our elections.

• Innovations such as automated voter registration and secure absentee voting online have been added by Warner.

• Warner’s office also handles business licensing and reports, and that process has been made more painless for entrepreneurs and other job providers. His online “One-Stop Business Portal” makes the process of navigating state requirements much easier.

• All this has been accomplished with fewer employees paid for by taxpayers. When Warner took office, his agency had 62 full-time employees. That has been reduced to 48 working there now.

Last Tuesday, Warner filed for re-election to another four-year term as secretary of state. For West Virginia voters, that choice in November will be easy. In many ways, Warner has proven himself to be the wise choice for secretary of state