Taking care of children is vital

No doubt we were not alone in wondering how closure of West Virginia’s public schools would impact children who rely on them for nutritious breakfasts and lunches. Silly us. We forgot where we live.

As we have reported, many local schools have programs in place to ensure that meals are available to the youngsters. The private sector also has responded; some businesses and organizations have pitched in to offer meals for children.

Similar steps are being taken throughout West Virginia. As Gov. Jim Justice reported Monday, more than 500 schools have set up mechanisms to ensure the children are fed.

Many Mountain State residents have personal reasons to worry about COVID-19. A substantial number of us have altered how we live our lives and do our jobs in order to stay safe.

It says much about West Virginians, however, that among the first reactions to the virus was a determination to take care of our children — all of them. Bless all involved.


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