Two shootings at WVU are investigated

West Virginia University’s Morgantown campus, with nearly 27,000 students, is a small city within the municipality where it is located. Officials in most cities with that many people would be delighted at crime rates as low as occur on the WVU campus.

Still, two shootings on Friday and Saturday provoked WVU President E. Gordon Gee to issue a statement that the university “has a commitment each and every day to keep our campus as safe as possible.” He added that, “The sad fact is our part of the world is also beset with all the ill — and good — of society at large.”

A drug deal was blamed for a WVU student from Calhoun County being shot and wounded in a confrontation early Saturday.

On Friday, another WVU student, this one from New Jersey, was shot and killed in an apartment complex operated by the university.

Both shootings were under investigation this week.

Any violence on a college campus is of concern to students — and yes, their parents. But regarding that at WVU last week, it needs to be noted that suspects were taken into custody quickly.

In a population the size of that on the Morgantown campus, some trouble is inevitable. There is very little university officials can do to prevent some of it.

Still, for the overwhelming majority of students, the campus is a very safe place. As Gee noted, WVU officials and university police do a good job in keeping students safe.


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