Ceremonies might be held in summer

Graduation from high school is a big deal for many West Virginia students and their families, as Gov. Jim Justice noted during his press conference on Tuesday. That is so for a variety of reasons, among them the fact that it has taken a minimum of 13 years for the young men and women to earn their diplomas.

So, as Justice might say, it is a crying shame that the students and their families are being deprived of the formal graduation ceremonies to which many have looked forward. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has made it imprudent to hold the programs as they have been staged for many years.

Some schools have developed alternative plans, as we have reported. Good for them. But on Tuesday, Justice offered an idea: Why not hold graduation ceremonies this summer after — we hope — COVID-19 precautions can be relaxed.

It is not a bad idea. Local school officials may want to consider it as an option.


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