Color Changes

State map may be misleading people

State officials are to be applauded for changing the method by which they rate the COVID-19 threat in West Virginia counties. It appears to be a more realistic guide than what was used previously.

But it also may be misleading to some people.

This week’s map shows most counties in the green, or best, category. That is a change from previously, when more counties were in the yellow, gold, orange and red categories.

Does that mean the situation has changed dramatically? Not at all. In fact, the COVID-19 risk is somewhat greater than it was last week, in some counties. Again, the change reflects only a new way of assigning colors.

The state’s website — dhhr.wv.gov/COVID-19 — provides a wealth of information on the disease in all 55 counties. Going forward, then, we recommend that those worried about the epidemic — as we all should be — use the map as a general guide but refer to the website for the more detailed information needed to have a clear picture of the situation.


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