Good Option

Early voting runs today through Oct. 31

Newspaper readers are more informed than other people, almost by definition. We presume, then, that you are eager to cast a ballot in the upcoming election.

If going to the polls on Nov. 3 worries you and if you just don’t trust mail-in absentee voting, another very good option is available. It is early voting, which begins Wednesday throughout West Virginia. It continues until the Saturday before Election Day.

Early voting has been around for several years, and it has grown in popularity. Even during normal election seasons, early voting is good insurance against unforeseen circumstances keeping you away from your polling place on Election Day.

These are as far from normal times as most of us want to encounter. COVID-19 has made going into any public place something of an adventure — a real risk for many of us. Though election officials are taking multiple steps to keep polling places safe on Nov. 3, there is always the chance they may be too crowded for comfort.

Early voting stations are located in county courthouses throughout the state. Hours vary somewhat, but ballots can be cast during normal business hours on weekdays and also on Saturdays, ending Oct. 31.

If you want an alternative to Election Day balloting or the mail-in process, we encourage you to consider early voting. It is an excellent, tried and true way to ensure your voice is heard during what clearly is an important election.


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