Keeping Morrisey in office makes sense

Since 2013, Patrick Morrisey’s service as state attorney general has been marked by activism in defense of West Virginians. Keeping him in office makes sense.

First elected in 2012, Morrisey took office determined to reform the attorney general’s office. Now, when the office needs outside lawyers, they are selected through competitive bidding, not cronyism. And when Morrisey’s office wins money for the citizens of West Virginia, a large portion of it goes back to the state treasury, not into a political slush fund. Morrisey has returned more than $50 million to the treasury.

Stewardship of taxpayers’ money has been a hallmark of Morrisey’s tenure. When he took office, the attorney general’s portion of the state general revenue budget was more than $5.9 million. This year, is is nearly a million dollars less.

In many ways, no one in state government has been as effective as Morrisey in battling drug abuse. One action alone — suing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration — has saved lives. Morrisey forced the DEA to change its drug quota system, recognizing the enormous amount of opioid painkillers that had been diverted from pharmacies to illegitimate use.

Irresponsible drug companies also have felt Morrisey’s wrath. Since 2013, his office has participated in lawsuits that have netted the state more than $110 million in settlements. More important, Morrisey’s pressure has forced the pharmaceutical companies to be more concerned with keeping opioid drugs out of the hands of addicts.

On many other issues, ranging from his defense of the Second Amendment to action against job-killing anti-coal initiatives during former President Barack Obama’s administration, Morrisey has stood up for West Virginians.

He launched a disability fraud unit that has helped save taxpayers more than $23 million He was a leader in a $160 million settlement requiring Frontier Communications to improve internet service to many Mountain State residents.

The bottom line on Morrisey is that he has saved consumers and taxpayers enormous amounts of money — and has saved lives.

We endorse Morrisey for re-election in the November. West Virginians need more service like that he has provided during his first two terms in office.


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