Vital Duty

Thoughtful area residents understand how important the Nov. 3 election will be not just to the nation, but to each and every one of us personally. Voting this year is important — but it also will be more difficult for many.

Blame COVID-19 for that. Many people who normally would have gone to their voting precincts to cast ballots on Nov. 3 will stay away this year, because of the epidemic.

Nearly 95,000 West Virginia voters will not be worrying about that, however. They already have requested mail-in absentee ballots for the election. In fact, as of Tuesday, 22,665 of them had filled out and returned their ballots.

Because of the epidemic, virtually anyone can use an absentee ballot by mail this year. The process is easy. Just request a mail-in ballot from your county clerk or election office. Once you receive it, fill it out and return it, either by mail or in person.

Another option, if you want to vote in person but not on Election Day, is the early voting program. Polling places will be available at county courthouses from Oct. 21-31.

Reluctance to vote normally on Nov. 3 is understandable, especially for older people who generally tend to be more involved in the political process. But there is no reason any registered voter needs to worry about not being able to cast a ballot.

If you are a registered voter, then, we urge you to think about the best way for you to vote — and ensure your ballot is cast.


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